• The difference between Customer Experience and Customer Service

    Great customer experiences come from companies where fantastic customer service is paramount. Yet, customer experience and customer service are two totally different disciplines. Do you know what the difference is? Many people, in hearing the term “Customer Experience”, assume it is just a different term for Customer Service. But, it is so much more. While successful [more...]
  • Five Steps to YES with Journey Maps

    If you’re like most of us, before you can start work innovating customer’s experiences, you need the proper buy-in to get initiatives off the ground. Download the Free E-Book “High-Level Journey Maps & Five Steps to YES” with templates, by Carol Buehrens Since customer experience is part of business strategy, many innovation projects impact the [more...]
  • UX & CX – Understanding the Journey

    Why is it important for User Experience (UX) professionals to understand the “Customer Experience Journey”? Because it helps their UX vision! UX involves a person’s behaviors, attitudes, and emotions about using a particular service or product. In CX terms, we call that “experiencing a touchpoint”. It only stands to reason that the UX professional can [more...]
  • What’s the Focus at Your Company?

    If the focus isn’t on improving the experience for your customers, it stands to reason that the focus is on something else. When an organization is not putting their own customer’s first, then something is filling that void. How to measure the focus… Put on your listening ears when you attend meetings and walk through [more...]
  • Representing Customers through Customer Advocacy Boards

    Make a C.A.B. Ever thought about creating a Customer Advocacy Board (CAB) at your company? A CAB is an internal board, made of employees who are passionate about customers. They gather customer insights and collectively have authority to invoke positive change. It’s a great way to initiate your company’s journey to become more customer-focused. This [more...]
  • Focus on the Customer (Hey, that’s not my job!)

    Whose job is it to focus on the customer in your company? If you didn’t answer your entire employee base, then you may be missing the boat when it comes to customer experience. 2015 Is “The Year of the Employee,” as declared by Bruce Temkin of the leading Customer Experience research firm Temkin Group. The [more...]
  • Do You Feel Alone in Advocating for Your Customer?

    Do you ever feel like you’re the only one at your company who empathizes for,  or even thinks about your customer? If your company hasn’t developed a customer-centric employee culture, maybe you are. Below is a case in point… I met with a project team to discuss a new retail system for their company website. [more...]
  • Customer Experience – Not Just Web Design

    With so much hoopla made over the digital customer these days, we might forget that Customer Experience is not so one-sided. The term is defined as “the cumulative impact of the total interactions customers have with your company, people, services and products.” This means we have Omni-customers. ‘Total interactions’ means ‘everything customers come in contact [more...]
  • Your First VoC Program is Easier to Start Than You Think

    Successful customer experience companies listen to their customers. They listen continuously. They make certain to “bring the voice” of the customer inside, so that it becomes a part of their organization. By hearing this feedback, employees learn and understand their customers’ needs, wants and changing expectations. Take a cue from these successful companies – listen [more...]
  • Seven Important Steps to Customer Journeys

    Do you know what your customers are doing? Download the Free E-Book “Customer Experience Journey Mapping Workshop Toolkit” by Carol Buehrens You want to improve your customer’s experiences? Great! Now, where should you begin? Well, before you get started, you may want to take a step back and assess what your customers are already experiencing today. [more...]