CX Links

The following links are gathered to help you focus on the art of Customer Experience.

Associations & Groups

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is a hand-on, active association with engaged members. They offer weekly webinars, roundtable calls, local area network meetings, and a plethora of CX tools, donated by top experts in the field. This group is fantastic!

CXPA, LinkedIn:

Chief Customer Officer Group, LinkedIn:

ACES – Advanced Customer Experience Strategy, LinkedIn:

Building the Customer-Centric Organization, LinkedIn:

Business-to-Business Customer Experience Management, LinkedIn:

Customer Experience Leaders, LinkedIn:

Customer Experience Professionals, LinkedIn:

Total Customer Experience Leaders, LinkedIn:

CX Bloggers

Follow these bloggers to keep informed!

Carol Buehrens, Raving Customer Experience:

Bruce Temkin, Customer Experience Matters:

Annette Franz (Gleneicki), CX Journey:

Stan Phelps, 9 Inch Marketing:

Colin Shaw, Beyond Philosophy:

Jeanne Bliss, Chief Customer Officer 2.0:

Chuck Wall, Customer CEO:

Becky Carroll, Customers ROCK:

The Forrester Blog, for Customer Experience Professionals: